Paseo Villas Improvement Association 

What's a HOA?

There are some mis perceptions about an HOA’s purpose and what it actually covers. This page is an introduction to what your Homeowners Association is and what it isn't.

Purpose of an HOA:

  • The goal of a homeowners association is the preservation of property values. It does this by enforcing its governing covenants. It works to ensure all properties are attractive and consistent with each other. Without covenant enforcement, one home left unkempt, can lower the property value of the entire neighborhood.
  • All board member positions are filled by community volunteers and are not compensated for their time or services provided. They are homeowners (just like you!) who work together in the interest of the community.
  • Administers & enforces architectural guidelines & restrictions through its Design Committee.
  • Is responsible for landscaping and maintenance of the common areas in the community.
  • Organizes community events for members of the association.

What an HOA doesn’t do:

  • Does not resolve domestic disputes or disagreements between neighbors.
  • Is not a substitute for Police or other Law Enforcement.
  • Does not offer security services.
  • Does not provide city or county services
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